Manhattan Beach Real Estate Ticker 3/13/15

Custom build at 1622 Gates once held an East MB record from $3.100M sale in 2007; now asking $3.175M

Lot sale at 1405 Oak lasted a whole week (asking: $1.249M; lot size just 4200)

All-original house/lot sale at 3400 Poinsettia closes a tiny bit over asking at $1.605M

1944 Ardmore cut $150K and immediately made a deal (list: $1.999M)

Several price chops: $25K at 3525 Walnut (now $2.674M), $100K each at 3300 Ocean (now $4.249M) and 3413 Elm (now $2.199M) and $51K at 915 Boundary Place ($1.699M)

Nice flipper remodel at 1137 9th went far north of asking at $2.310M

Thinkin' big by Martyrs: Giant '06 Spanish at 835 17th starts at $5.799M

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