Manhattan Beach Real Estate Ticker 9/23/16

* Inventory @ 105 homes for sale *

At 'only' $11.500M after a new $1.4M price cut, 716 The Strand is the 'cheapest' Strand lot by $2.5M

Almost-but-not-quite double lot at 1820 Poinsettia has a deal after 11 mos. (last at $2.795M)

El Porto modern TH at 200 38th ran 3 mos. at wrong, wrong prices ($2.6-$2.8M), now re-lists with new agent at $2.395M

Early 90s SFR at 138 15th Place launches at $3.325M

'Cheapest' new construx in East MB at 1130 5th makes very quick deal (list: $2.999M)

Flipper remodel at 1750 1st makes $150K cut after 3 weeks, now at $2.299M

Oversized view TH at 3300 Alma makes a quick deal in a crowded market (list: $3.499M, 2 weeks to deal)

East MB '05 Mediterranean at 1506 Gates ran 9 mos. at $3M down to $2.8M, now re-lists with new agent at $2.799M

Tree Section '05 Mediterranean at 3008 Elm ran a few mos. this year at $2.699M, now re-lists with new agent at $2.599M

Tree Section super-custom... Tuscan? at 1412 Walnut needed time to find its one buyer; now closes near asking at $2.430M

East MB 'custom' spec new construx at 1230 8th in Nantucket style pre-sells before marketing, in escrow showing $3.495M

Decent Tree Section cottage in good location at 628 30th began at $1.699M, has quick deal now

Big lot, curious house at 3208 Pine, just in off Valley, chops $201K to $2.399M

Expanded, very nicely redone cottage at 1466 5th sold quickly in Summer, closes now for $20K under asking: $1.729M

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