Manhattan Beach Real Estate Ticker 9/6/16

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Modern style El Porto TH with big views at 200 38th cuts again in 11th week, now $2.599M (began at $2.850M)

Big drop: Corner lot in Martyrs area at 1801 Laurel chops a second time, now down $600K (-19%) from start to $2.599M

Modest $100K cut at 435 10th may bring some extra looks to this walkstreet remodel (now: $3.499M)

Bright, somewhat remod Village TH at 7 Catalina Ct. starts at $1.280M

Back to market: Small cottage/lot sale at 2316 Walnut was in escrow 5 days, back now (list: $1.500M)

Somewhat oversized, remod cottage near Rosecrans at 3508 Poinsettia needed 7 weeks and $30K in cuts, now has deal (last at $1.595M)

Hill Section view lot at 828 1st had a deal, lost it, found another one now (list: $3.449M)

Hill Section lot sale backing up to alley at 641 11th hits MLS in escrow with list price of $2.200M

Now a short sale: TH at 1521 Artesia Blvd. #1 makes 2nd $30K cut and is now called a short sale (list: $799K)

Modestly sized tall-and-skinny Hill Section remodel at 511 N. Dianthus had better luck this try, has a buyer now (list: $1.775M)

Liberty Village new construx at 1901 Lynngrove didn't quite hit asking with sale at $2.570M (-5% from start)

Maybe the cottage at 326 2nd is charming, but the full-size South End lot is the value behind sale at $2.650M

Nice 90s East MB family house with pool & disappearing doors at 1340 19th finally closes at $2.475M (-7% from start)

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