Ticker 10/16/14

Posted by Dave Fratello on Thursday, October 16th, 2014 at 12:08pm.

Dave's listing at 3300 Poinsettia closes for $2.450M

Tree Section new construx at 1905 Elm made a deal pre-completion off-market (list: $3.100M)

Village condo in 4th month on market at 10 Cayman makes a deal (list: $879K)

Likely lot sale at 868 27th in the Tree Section starts at $1.575M

Flipper remodel at 1345 Voorhees, facing a $ loss, finally has a deal (list: $1.439M)

Likely lot sale at 922 Duncan Place chops $100K to $1.649M

Former Brady TH at 512 Highland has a buyer (list: $2.399M) before comparable 616 Highland ($2.450M)

El Porto en fuego: 127 Shell ($1.400M) and 217 Kelp ($1.450M) both make quick deals

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