Ticker 10/8/13

Posted by Dave Fratello on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 at 6:42am.

Last Tree Section option under $1M is gone: 3616 Pine has a deal (list: $949K)

Half lot with teeny 500 sq. ft. house at 425 23rd Place has a deal (list: $929K) – this one adjoins 424 24th

Awkward "duplex" at 424 24th – with grand views of Grand View school - drew multiple offers at $999K, in escrow now

Hill Section lot sale at 907 Highview (4100 sq. ft. lot) comes in at $1.690M – actually below asking by $110K

3521 Oak began at $1.200M but started cutting quickly; closed at $1.025M (for 1900 sq. ft.)

2904 Highland has a deal (again), last at $2.199M

222 Larsson cut to $1.499M then went "on hold" right away (can't be viewed online now)

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