Ticker 12/13/13

BIG deal: 1420/1422 The Strand is in escrow with list price of $14.500M

90s Hill Section house with upgrades at 719 11th sold $50K over asking at $3.350M

Tree Section modern at 801 18th (@ Pacific) sold almost $200K under asking (-8%) at $2.020M

Now 5 weeks in, 711 18th makes a deal (list: $1.865M)

24 Bermuda Ct. makes its first cut, $25K down to $945K

Somewhat remod 80s house near water tower (1411 8th) asks $1.995M to start

Off-market sale in the Village: 19 Lafayette Ct. went for $815K; remodeled comp at 28 San Miguel Ct. now up at $875K

Half lot, landlocked 124 17th closes a bit over asking at $1.540M

New construx on flat walkstreet at 340 6th shows a new escrow at $4.200M

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