Ticker 2/22/14

Oboy: Darling 1417 Pine, all 2300 sq. ft., shot up to $2.162M

Totally revamped Mediterranean in so-so location at 1144 Walnut has a deal (list: $2.149M)

Very big 90s TH at 1046 1st starts at $1.879M

Flipper remodel at 3521 Oak cuts again to $1.499M

222 Larsson looks a lot better than during its last try in 2013 (list: $1.500M)

Upgraded 60s SFR at 715 Bayview starts at $2.150M – makes that 2011 purchase at $1.500M look great

Modern (2002) TH at 2300 Alma becomes second TH east of Highland ever to sell for $2.800M

Remodeled cottage at 1163 Meadows nears $1,000/PSF with sale over asking at $1.400M

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