Ticker 2/6/14

Posted by Dave Fratello on Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 at 10:01pm.

Modern on Manhattan Ave. at 2903 Manhattan starts at $5.000M

Boat house at 660 MBB closes just 2 weeks after listing, $15K over ask at $1.190M

Ocean view remodeled SFR at 225 1st starts at $2.399M

Tree Section Mediterranean at 1144 Walnut looks much slicker than before its 2011 sale ($1.580M), asking $2.149M now

Big lot, very original house at 711 Larsson has a deal (list: $1.475M)

Recognizably 60s, very open 1701 Pacific has 4br/1900+ sq. ft., starts at $1.500M

2912 Pine fell out of escrow, now falls back in (list: $2.175M)

Very big 438 S. Meadows, right by the high school, posted a deal in Nov. 2013 but now is back to market $100K higher at $2.600M

Don't judge 206 Moonstone by its cover: Interesting remodel to an El Porto duplex (list: $1.299M)

Little 3br at 768 26th starts at $1.699M is "too cute" for an actual description or good photos

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