Ticker 3/15/14

222 Larsson makes a cut to $1.450M

Sharply remodeled 2200 Elm debuted last week at $2.299M, has a deal now

Corner-lot cottage by Pennekamp at 1357 Voorhees starts at $1.195M

1/2 acre lot sale at 210 Terraza went up, up, up from $2.5M start price: Closed at $3.400M

Big family house at 1200 Lynngrove has a deal (list: $1.529M)

Another shocker: Dated house on busy corner at 1701 Pacific sells for $1.675M

Craftsman spec at 2105 Oak has never sold since '06 completion, trying now at $2.199M

Flipper remodel at 3521 Oak, purchased for $1.025M, in escrow now with list of $1.449M

Corner-lot fixer at 738 29th emerges in escrow at $1.495M, but expect higher sale

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