Ticker 3/18/13

Couldn't sell last year, overbid now: 1125 3rd sells for $1.950M

Wow, $2.8M in the Trees quickly: 2330 N. Ardmore has a deal

Looking for its 2007 price: 721 36th at $2.399M (sold March '07 for $2.327M)

1990-built Spanish at 616 35th gets $1.875M, slightly off start ($1.995M)

Major fixer at 2504 Walnut gets $1.075M, a tad above asking

Modern remodel at 3320 Bell gets $1.650M, below the $1.8M start

Another markup over 2007: 516 21st comes up at $3.499M; last sold (new) in Nov. '07 for $3.119M

700 27th hits MLS Tuesday at $2.250M

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