Ticker 3/24/14

1613 Nelson chops $200K to $1.999M

1404 Pine (actually 2br, listed as 3) posts a deal (list: $1.499M)

Village SFR at 15 Bridgeport makes a quick deal (asking $1.900M)

Small but splendid 137 15th has a deal (last list: $1.999M) – didn't we just predict that?

329 17th has a 1 1/2 size lot with ocean views and a super private location near downtown - $3.700M asking for dirt

Village 3br TH at 31 Nantucket was opened up a bunch in a past remodel; now has a deal (list: $1.199M)

Major fixer/big lot at 711 Larsson sells for $1.400M; that's equal on a lot/PSF basis to the recent dirt sale at 709 Larsson

Craftsman at 2004 Wendy takes the unusual step of raising its price $100K while in escrow (now: $1.649M)

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