Ticker 3/8/14

Posted by Dave Fratello on Saturday, March 8th, 2014 at 6:41am.

Huge 80s house at 3613 Walnut is over 4K sq. ft., asking $1.649M

Flip at 3521 Oak cuts again, now at $1.449M (start was $1.599M)

$1.4M start for 3521 Poinsettia looked pretty silly, and it was; closed sale: $1.075M

Remodeled 2009 Faymont closes at asking price: $1.249M

Though 2200 Elm has a late-80s build date, it's up to date inside (asking $2.299M)

3br at 504 Larsson starts at $1.545M

Plantation home on downsloping lot at 2518 Laurel closes at $2.505M

Remodeled, big 48 Village Cr. chops $25K to $1.625M

1345 Voorhees posts a deal (list: $1.199M)

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