Ticker 4/20/13

585 31st hit one kind of new high for new construction: $2.8M for a terrific new Cape Cod

Blowing away new highs: Giant (4800 sq. ft.) new Cape Cod at 705 26th, in escrow now (list: $3.599M)

Fixer? Date with a 'dozer? 1026 Pacific starts at $1.500M

Quick cash sale at 516 21st for $3.475M, and no ocean view

We always thought 2311 Manhattan Ave. was a $1.9M townhome, but it took them 7 mos. to figure it out

1250 Shelley looks cheap in this market at $1.175M for 1800+ sq. ft.

Multiple offers at 1605 Meadows ($999K) and 725 12th ($1.399M)

East MB new construction seeks $3.2M, whoa (1200 10th)

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