Ticker 4/24/13

Stark, shocking, stylish, and 2br on The Strand: 2316 The Strand starts at $11M

Back to market: 700 27th ($2.450M) and 721 36th ($2.399M)

Multiple offers in at 524 13th (list $1.550M); it goes up 10%

Little (1200 sq. ft.), forlorn 1404 Elm drew multiple offers (list: $1.279M)

Smallish East MB 70s house (2000 sq. ft.) at 1705 Rowell got bid up a bit to sell for $1.265M (start: $1.229M)

Here and gone quickly in East MB: 1713 Faymont ($1.849M) and 1613 5th ($2.439M)

585 31st hit one kind of new high for new construction: $2.8M for a terrific new Cape Cod

Blowing away new highs: Giant (4800 sq. ft.) new Cape Cod at 705 26th, in escrow now (list: $3.599M)

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