Ticker 5/15/14

Posted by Dave Fratello on Thursday, May 15th, 2014 at 6:31am.

Blank, dated home at 1716 Voorhees sure looked low at the $1.429M list price. It was, now sold for $1.650M

Not many ocean-view THs this year – 425 36th Place starts at $1.650M

Nice Mediterranean at 1337 9th had a deal for a week, but it's back (list: $2.225M)

Roth home at 1540 21st closes for $1.400M

Big East MB Mediterranean at 1636 Ruhland has a deal at 3 months (list: $2.495M)

2812 Elm maybe could have gotten $1.799M, but cuts now to $1.699M, 3 weeks in

Half-lot major fixer/lot sale downtown at 216 9th Place has a deal (list: $1.489M)

Two possible Tree Section lot sales: 577 31st ($1.699M) and 1808 Agnes ($1.799M)

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