Ticker 5/2/13

Posted by Dave Fratello on Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 at 6:42am.

Oh, my: 2330 Ardmore got overbid up to $2.975M

Little cottage on busy 24th gets $1.325M (518 24th)

'Eclectic' 762 29th starts at $1.699M – gotta learn more on this one

605 13th has ocean views, updates and a new height limit ($1.499M)

Cottage at 2616 Elm sold off-market (pending at $1.449M)

Nearly $7M for big, Strand-adjacent 116 25th St. (sold for $6.9M)

Flip: 2904 Pacific just sold in June 2012 for $873K, back now, renovated, at $1.1M

Ocean view SFR at 308 Manhattan Ave. seeks a little more than its '06 price (2006: $2.2M, now: $2.299M)

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