Ticker 5/30/13

Posted by Dave Fratello on Thursday, May 30th, 2013 at 4:45pm.

Huge overreach, huge correction: 421 32nd Place began at $1.299M, closed at $825K (-$474k/-36%)

524 13th had multiple offers, sold for $1.695M (Dave's clients got it)

625 31st asked $2.750M last year, back now at $2.995M

Immediate sale at 3405 Manhattan Ave. came in $50K over asking (sold for $3.850M)

80s house in Liberty Village surprises with a quick deal: 1804 Faymont at $1.549M

Two dirt sale offerings: 1430 18th in East MB at $1.075M, 750 35th in the Trees at $1.099M

We hear 558 Rosecrans made a quick deal (list: $1.325M); buyer had been hovering a month

Corner-lot location, dated home at 200 John comes out at $1.639M

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