Ticker 5/6/14

Posted by Dave Fratello on Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 at 6:31am.

What's that, an SFR under $1M? 205 Harkness is a 2br remodel on a small lot (list: $929K)

225 20th Place makes a quick 'replacement' deal after brief return to market (ask: $1.649M)

Remodeled 60s SFR at 715 Bayview sells now for 35% over Nov. 2010 price (then: $1.500M, now: $2.025M)

Big Tree Section Craftsman at 529 18th returns to market after failed escrow (list: $4.499M)

Gotta love 'Mad Men' chic remodel on the Plateau at 436 28th, starting at $1.899M

Remodeled early-90s home at 742 31st makes a deal (list: $2.799M)

A roof with a view: 648 12th has a deck, sells over asking at $2.160M

Expanded, remodeled 1205 Wendy found a buyer (asking: $1.349M)

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