Ticker 5/8/13

Cottage at 1400 Magnolia makes a quick $50K cut, now $1.250M

Little tricked-out cottage plus guest house at 732 36th has a deal (list: $1.225M)

Now's the first time in several listings we've seen 232 16th post a deal (last price: $3.145M)

228 40th failed to get $999K last year, but now has sold for $1.145M

'Eclectic' 762 29th surprises with a quick deal (list: $1.699M)

East MB new construction projects chop: 1430 3rd to $2.595M, 1765 Gates to $2.199M

Hill Section project house at 1023 9th has an immediate deal (list: $1.500M); "way over" we hear

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