Ticker 6/12/13

A shocker among fixers: Little 1404 Elm drew several bids, sold over asking at $1.359M

Fixer/land trade at 506 21st starts at $1.250M; no neighbor on one side, ball fields behind

Two 2+ numbers on oversized THs: 1212 Manhattan Ave. got $2.710M (whoa) and 3312 Manhattan Ave. got $2.299M

New construx in East MB has just lingered but now has a deal – 1765 Gates at $2.199M

Price chop at 228 2nd brings it under $4M for first time, 270+ DOM (now $3.950M)

Gotta be a record for an 80s house east of Pacific: remodeled 2316 Elm sells for $1.986M

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