Ticker 6/5/13

Nicely redone TH at 2917 Vista makes a quick deal (list: $1.739M)

Third price for new 1200 10th: Was $2.899M, then $3.199M, now $2.999M ($200K off recent high)

Cute on treasured 18th St.: 228 18th starts at $3.5M

A 7500 lot in the Trees? Yes, at 2712 Ardmore, with 2br house (start: $1.459M)

14 Laurel Square couldn't sell in 2012, has a deal now (list: $1.195M)

Difficult but huge and remodeled 1603 6th cuts a bit to $2.097M

Cul-de-sac Craftsman tucked down Magnolia (1215 17th) sold quickly over asking: $1.935M

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