Ticker 7/1/13

Posted by Dave Fratello on Monday, July 1st, 2013 at 6:34am.

Super quick sale: Very original 2413 Palm has a deal – list: $1.599M

'Eclectic' 2000 sq. ft. house at 762 29th sold for asking: $1.699M

Super charming Hill Section remodel at 301 Anderson got $2.610M off-market

Tired Hill Section home at 1023 9th got bid up a lot, from $1.5M to $1.650M

Contemporary at 3308 Pacific was bought for $1.3M recently, totally redone and now up at $1.795M

What might 1601 Pacific have fetched 2-3 years ago? Now it's $1.799M for 2400 sq. ft., remodeled

Another Speedy Speckie gone: 2600 Oak is in escrow (list: $1.899M)

Hill Section corner lot at 1026 Pacific sold for $1.680M (bid up from $1.5M)

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