Ticker 7/17/14

Posted by Dave Fratello on Thursday, July 17th, 2014 at 7:04am.

2300 Laurel drew multiple offers, has a deal (start: $2.100M)

Remodeled 80s house in East MB at 1305 8th has a deal (list: $2.100M)

Remodeled 70s house in eastern Hill Section at 1023 8th closes for $1.810M

Ocean-view TH at 112 23rd Place, last seen at $3.5M last year, re-starts at $2.995M

TH at 424 Marine Place sold for $1.370M in Jan. 2013, now closes for $1.765M (+29%)

825 N Dianthus listed for $2.100M, made a deal, lost it, back now at $1.950M

Village SFR at 52 Village Circle starts at $2.269M

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