Ticker 7/22/13

Posted by Dave Fratello on Monday, July 22nd, 2013 at 3:37pm.

How about $3M for 36th St.? New 562 36th is aiming up there ($2.949M to start)

2300 Poinsettia has a deal (list: $1.699M) – last on market at $1.499M in Aug. 2009, when it did not sell

Big new East MB house, 1200 10th, once at $3M, has a deal (last list: $2.799M)

Now both 23rd Place THs have deals: 432 23rd Place ($1.499M) and 436 23rd Place ($1.599M)

They'd like $5.3M for ocean-view walkstreet home (2001 build) at 224 29th

Little 590 Rosecrans must have made its deal off-market; instantly in escrow (list: $899K)

646 Rosecrans makes its first notable cut to $1.400M

421 32nd posts a deal (looking for backups) – last at $2.895M and said to be holding firm

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