Ticker 8/24/14

Darling 'sensibly scaled' 2300 Laurel closes way above asking at $2.425M (Dave's listing)

Little, dated 212 21st drew 30+ offers, closes $300K over ask at $1.750M

El Porto lot at 4004 The Strand starts at $6.750M

Big Cape Cod at 1171 Shelley has a pretty quick deal (list: $1.849M)

Corner of Magnolia/MBB (1151 Magnolia) starts at $975K

Very dated 400 16th sports a nice, central location – new build? Asking $2.795M

Another big Strand number: grand 1904 The Strand starts at $16.0M

120 5th amazed people – impressive redo, huge # – now has a deal (list: $9.450M)

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