Ticker 8/30/14

Why not raise the price? New construx under way at 927 10th goes from $5.5M to $5.800M

Mid-2000s Mediterranean at 1601 Ruhland has a second buyer now (list: $2.290M)

70s modern at 1602 10th chops $170K (-9%) to $1.780M

Heavily customized corner-lot TH at busy corner at 98 Manhattan Ave. sells for $2.583M

Smallish remodeled cottage with no master at 563 33rd got bid way, way up (+$300K), sells for $2.150M

Small 1930s Spanish on 1800 sq. ft. lot at 3509 Alma closes for $1.375M

90s Mediterranean TH at 512 Highland will start at $2.789M

Nice TH at 320 33rd Place sold for $2.100M in April, tried to resell at $2.456M, now down to $2.375M

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