Ticker 8/6/14

Expanded cottage w/ street-to-alley lot at 632 33rd starts at $1.799M

Fixer/lot sale at 825 Dianthus has a second deal (list: $1.950M)

Modern remodel of 90s home at 4404 The Strand begins at $5.995M

Lot sale at 104 The Strand closed for $9.5M in February, now asking $13.9M

90s Mediterranean with good views at 224 19th has a quick deal (list: $5.499M)

Big 90s contemporary at 200 S. Dianthus briefly listed 2 weeks ago and quit; back now with a new team at $4.200M

Presold new SFR construction at 328 28th closes for $3.555M

Big East MB Tuscan at 1601 Ruhland posts a deal (list: $2.350M)

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