Ticker 9/11/14

Posted by Dave Fratello on Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 at 9:24pm.

880 11th (along Poinsettia) sold in March for $2.750M, back up now asking $2.999M

Lot sale (?) at 4004 The Strand quits at 3 weeks; was asking $6.950M

Landmark, well-done 1904 The Strand has a deal at epic price (list: $16.0M)

Modern TH at 425 Marine closed pretty much immediately near ask at $2.175M

Surprisingly big 3br at 626 S. Peck starts at $1.299M

Unique remodel on 1.5x lot at 445 35th closes for $2.675M

Yes they're still building, and selling, Mediterraneans: 401 N. Peck has a buyer (list: $2.900M)

Strand lot at 516 The Strand drew plenty of interest, now has a deal (list: $10.000M, and look out above)

Early 90s contemporary at 2310 Ardmore (or Laurel Bluff) got a modernization, now seeks $2.875M

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