Ticker 9/16/14

Downtown new Tropical Plantation home at 329 11th has a buyer (list: $4.750M)

Newer Mediterranean TH at 120 12th Place posts a deal (list: $2.899M)

Flipper remodel at 1345 Voorhees was bought for $1.200M in April, looks nice now at $1.499M

880 11th was bought in March this year, and already has new buyer (list: $2.999M)

Likely lot sale at 825 N. Dianthus began at $2.100M, clearly high, will now sell for $1.710M

Large, dated TH at 1341 17th has a deal (list: $1.425M)

3br remodel at 1707 1st has the quick deal they wanted (list: $1.179M)

Big, complex ocean-view SFR at 3601 Bayview adds $999 to its list of $3.699M

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