Ticker 9/6/13

In April 2012, 421 3rd surprised to the high side by selling at $1.809M; now asking $2.299M (+$490K / +27%)

Two downtown half-lot homes offered together at 128 8th for $4.150M

A near theft: Major fixer/teardown at 1633 Nelson sells short for $750K

Unique Tree Section 4-plex, huge lot (9200+ sq. ft.), at 2920 Maple seeks $2.690M

Big East MB Spanish at 1540 10th sells for $2.370M

Big, newer Hill Section home at 848 11th debuts at $3.599M

2531 N. Valley has been crying for help for years, now offered at $1.150M (that 4500 sq. ft. lot is big for Valley)

New to see in the Trees: It's 3520 Walnut at $1.499M

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