Ticker 9/9a/13

They cut $1M off the top at 610 12th – now $4.999M

Tree Section remodel at 592 33rd closes at $1.705M, $115K over asking

Great location, unusual house: 3013 Poinsettia closes for $1.730M, $91K over asking

Corner-lot 1200 Wendy Way hung around a bit, but closed at $964K, in sight of its start price ($1.050M)

2216 N. Ardmore posts a deal (again): List: $1.399M

Early 90s home at 222 Larsson starts at $1.699M

LIttle 1400 Ardmore looks like a pricey lot sale; price jumped from $1.199M to $1.625M as it posted a deal

2300 Poinsettia closes for $1.675M - that's 2000 sq. ft. with 3br under grade

Speedy speckie near Aviation at 1768 1st finally has a deal (list: $1.999M)

They finally closed 625 31st – a frequent offering over 2 years on and off – for $2.750M

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