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On occasion we like to capture and share some of the better ocean views around Manhattan Beach.

This past weekend saw some of the clearest skies of recent weeks, and it was warm, to boot.

So we did what real estate bloggers are supposed to do: Head out to homes that have recently been on the market and check out the views. Enjoy our brief video.


The first panorama in the video was taken from 648 12th St., a 2-story home near downtown up at the top of the hill in the Martyrs area. This one has a roof deck that is really worth heading up to – high above nearly all the neighbors, you can see for miles. The home was listed recently for $2.100M and is in escrow now.

Our second view is from the home at 620 8th St. in the Hill Section. Though lower down

People love to love the flat walkstreets in Manhattan Beach's South End.

Spec builders and folks who want to build for themselves keep paying more for the land.

The latest eye-opening land trade is a lot that went to a spec builder at 504 8th St. for $2.000M. The sale posted recently in the tax records.

The buyer is the development LLC that recently built and sold 340 6th St. (5br/5ba, 3600 sq. ft.), a modern Plantation style home.

The builder paid $1.825M for the dirt there on 6th back in July 2012. The completed home sold for $4.235M in December 2013, hitting a new high on a PPSF basis for the flat family walkstreets.

However, that sale fell slightly short of the off-market sale price on a new home at 337 7th (4br/4200 sq. ft.) at $4.500M. (See "

It's like watching the last domino get ready to fall.

Now that 104 The Strand is up for sale (at a princely $8.0M), we're about to see the end of the last holdout from the recent redevelopment wave down south.

Once they scrape and rebuild on this site, there will be no small or original homes left south of 3rd St.

The "oldest" home south of 3rd, if we want to call it "old," will be the early-90s modern at 120 The Strand (at the corner with 2nd).

It seems there's no other stretch of the Manhattan Beach Strand that's been so uniformly redeveloped in recent years.

It doesn't take too far of a reach back into memory to recall the original bungalows once occupying a super-size space at 2nd/The Strand where, now, you find a gorgeous triple-lot home.…

As 2013 wraps up, we really want to say "thanks" to you.

To our longtime readers, to others who have just found MBC, and to everyone in between. To our neighbors and friends, and to people from across the globe we've met only through the internet. Thanks.

Your interest in Manhattan Beach real estate, and MB Confidential specifically, compels us to work hard to produce MBC, and to improve it. Your feedback is inspiring.

Looking back at this year, we're also compelled to share a little news.

MLS data now show that MBC producer Dave Fratello ranked #1 (tied) for the year among agents representing buyers in the Manhattan Beach market. Those stats, obviously, do not include Dave's off-market sales, or his 5 public-market listings that sold over asking price.