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Recently we got a somewhat desperate message from a buyer: Is there any chance we can get into Manhattan Beach west of Sepulveda under $1.5M?

This came near the culmination of a long and fruitless search for properties in that price range.

The reluctant reply: No, not really. You'll have to compromise on location or price.

As is so often the case in this market, those buyers wound up compromising on both.

But (the good news) they did make a deal west of the highway.

As we write today, there are only 2 SFRs west of Sepulveda active under $1.5M:

3601 N. Poinsettia (3br/1ba, 1070 sqft.), a small and largely original cottage with a few obvious liabilities, not least the shared driveway.

The location is way over by Rosecrans in the Tree Section.


Even just the last week has seemed busy in the Manhattan Beach real estate market. You want options? They've been coming: 15 new listings in 7 days.

The problem (stop us if this sounds familiar)... There were 14 new deals made in the same span. So the 7-day net increase in inventory was +1.

We're going to focus on just a few new construction projects that have found buyers most recently:

2412 John (3br/3ba, 1890 sqft.) is unconventional for new construction and has been polarizing, in a way, among market watchers. Why build under-sized on a prime street? Why go mid-century? Are buyers really looking for green & modern?

For an uncomfortably long time – OK, just 90 days – the doubters were winning the day. 2412 John was too ambitiously priced at $2.799M…

One segment of Manhattan Beach real estate with a concentration of recent sales is the Liberty Village neighborhood.

Just this week, two fairly original homes came to market and moved quickly to change hands:

1508 Harkness (3br/2ba, 1550 sqft.) is an original Liberty Village cottage (ca. 1950) that we said, in our Sunday Opens post, is "ready for 'the treatment' by its next owner."

Surely there were those interested in the land alone at the start price of $1.299M, which is basically what sellers got for the corner-lot home at 1901 Lynngrove in February. (The listed sale price was $1.291M.)

We'd expect multiple offers and the final sale at Harkness to an owner-user looking to do a major remodel. Worth watching.

As a measure of the market's movement in…

It's time for one of our twice-monthly updates on the Manhattan Beach real estate market. 

We'll take note, first of all, of some discounts sellers took. Yes, discounts from list price are so rare as to qualify as front-page news.

One was at 1801 Palm (5br/5ba, 3900 sqft.), a corner-lot house on one of the truly great streets of the Tree Section more or less in the Martyrs neighborhood.

Listed early this year at $3.150M, it lingered. If you're nearly alone in this market, with a big house in a good location, you might nearly panic as the DOM tick upwards, as they did here – reaching 67 DOM, officially, before a deal was made. (It was about 6 weeks on-market plus some time in "backup offer" status, which tolls DOM also.)

The final sale price, posted…