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If you do nothing else real estate-wise this weekend, watch our new listings video (a bit further below).

The first 2 listings featured are extraordinary with a capital X (er, no, capital E) and not open to the public: 233 S. Meadows ($8.399M) and 814 Pacific (wow!), asking a measly $22.500M.


The latter of those two is a Hill Section estate for the ages, spanning 2-3 lots (unofficially, it's closer to 23,000 sqft., half an acre!), a place truly big enough to where you can talk about the "grounds." Heck, if it weren't so hilly, they could hold a polo match in the backyard. We're happy to link you to the official property website with more photos & details: (Warning: Extensive drone video... consider dramamine before


The great thing about open houses this weekend is that you can paddle to them.

Maybe it's a bit of a surprise, though, to learn that there are only 27 open houses listed this week, despite burgeoning inventory of 92.

Blame the President... 's Day weekend.

If you want to curl up with a good blog post this weekend (other than this one), take a few minutes to enjoy DigMB's coverage of the "State of the City" event from this week. Some word maven came up with a nice summary of Manhattan Beach for the mayor's presentation: "Small Town... Global Appeal." Nice ring.

We noted in our MB Market Update on Friday that the growth in local real estate inventory has been greatest in the Sand Section. You see that this week, too, in the fact that all of

What's happening now is what's supposed to happen: More listings, more action after the Super Bowl. Inventory's up to 90 and there are 42 MB listings open during the weekend.

We're presenting our weekly open-house post here in an unusual situation. Dave's got 3 new Manhattan Beach listings, but none are publicly open this weekend. To see 309 20th St. (308 20th Place, pictured above), 233 7th or 508 Larsson, please email Dave to set up a time.

Our video this week is the busiest in a while, featuring many new listings, from the Strand to the Trees, including some not open to the public. Take a look at 1912 The Strand, 2622 Maple, 600 35th, 317 Crest, 624 31st, 1801 Laurel and more:

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What's that, you're not prepping for some kind of giant Super Bowl party?

Well, lucky you.

Let's say you're going to need to make a game-time decision about where to go for the Big Game. Our sister site,, has this great guide for places all around MB where you might enjoy the game, along with the bonuses, prizes and all kinds of other assorted extra cheer that these Manhattan Beach haunts will be offering.

Want to start your Sunday on a mellower note? How about the "Meditation Flash Mob" at the MB Pier Sunday morning at 10:30am? Now that's keeping it real. (See DigMB's story here.)

In local real estate, you won't find all open houses dark on Sunday... some will just be early. Take note of times.

Here's our video for the week,…

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