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Welcome back.

The airport trips are getting more frequent as just about everyone returns home... to the beach. Public schools start Monday, and we can finally have a little routine in life.

There's still some Summer left, though. One nice reminder of that would be to check out a classic surf flick, or to go see the Manhattan Beach art exhibit by the designer of the "Endless Summer" poster art, John Van Hamersveld. (See this DigMB story for more on the exhibit – right across from Polliwog Park at the Manhattan Beach Art Center.)

Also, Sunday morning, starting around 11:00am, come down to the MB Pier, to catch the arrival of participants in the 34th annual Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race – a marathon on the water. (Here's DigMB's post on the race.)


Here's hoping you're having a great Summer. You won't hear us telling you that it's about to end. Them's fightin' words in some parts.

Our video this week features the open houses listed below in our post, and a few others that aren't publicly open, including large, modernized 2213 Agnes:

Some mobile users and email subscribers will need to use this link to view the video.

To plan your open-house tours for this week, use MB Confidential's online list of Manhattan Beach open houses (it's mobile-friendly!). Our open house link always appears in our weekly wrapups and on the main front page, under "Open Houses."

Below, click any address link to view all photos and property details. And don't forget, when previewing homes here on MB Confidential, you can…

There are some people who live to work, work to live, and never really quite stop. Perhaps you know, or are impacted by, someone like this.

Vacation is a good idea for people experiencing this syndrome. And so, we're reporting from Oregon today, trying to be on vacation – mostly with success.

But you can never fully stop working, right? After a day of beach combing and crabbing, Dave just had to run over to Manhattan Beach, Oregon, to see how it measures up to "the real thing." (Selfie here features our namesake beach to the north.)

And y'know, the wide stretch of white sandy beach was sure a nice break from the rocky Oregon coast we'd been hiking around on for a few days... but the surf was muck, and there was not a single home built along the…

This year's 6-man volleyball tournament didn't look anything like this. (Photo ~10 years ago.)

But the Charlie Saikley 6-Man (6-Person?) event did creep just a little bit closer to the weekend again, after being sent to a midweek island for a spell.

Oh, my, a Friday competition? Next thing you know, people with jobs will start entering again. (This is a joke.)

The whole week, more or less, has been devoted to International Surf Festival activities once again, lifeguard vs. lifeguard, paddlers, swimmers, runners all heading this way and that... and of course, the Sand Castle Design Contest on Sunday morning at the pier. (With prizes from local merchants coordinated by Dave Fratello &

It's Summer, the MB way. Enjoy!

This week, we did wind up…