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The full year data for 2016 are in, and Manhattan Beach real estate rose to a new high.

With a median price of $2,075,000, local real estate carved out a new peak.

However, that's a rise of only $15,000 in the median from 2015, less than 1%.

As you see clearly in our chart, that's a significant leveling out, after a price trend that had been all uphill. The year-to-year increase in the median price for Manhattan Beach:

2012-2013: 15%

2013-2014: 17%

2014-2015: 8%

2015-2016: 1%

So maybe we're leveling off now? 

There's some other good news in the numbers. The number of sales actually ticked up in 2016 after 3 years of decline.

As you see, while prices were rising in recent years, the total number of sales was actually…

If you're looking to live west of Sepulveda for under $2M, sometimes it must feel like you're looking for a unicorn.

Chances are, if you're going to find something, it'll be in the Tree Section, and quite small and/or in a less than superb location.

Here's a look at what's been out on the market and selling this year so far.


The least pricey properties in the Trees are typically along Rosecrans, where lots are smaller and there's a bit more of a stigma, holding prices back somewhat. Nonetheless, prices have risen consistently in recent years, to unprecedented heights.

722 Rosecrans (2br/1ba, 880 sqft.) is asking $1.195M, at 99 DOM as we post. Nearby, slightly larger 760 Rosecrans (3br/2ba, 1050 sqft.) closed last October

With 2016 now fully in the rear-view mirror, we'll start taking a look at the notable data and trends from the year that was.

That starts here with our regular twice-monthly market update.

As we reached year end, inventory continued its expected seasonal drop, hitting a "low" of 70 on the last day of 2016.

That's 32% higher than the 53 active listings seen in Manhattan Beach at the end of 2015, and more than double the totals for 2013-14. (See our latest inventory analysis here: "MB Inventory by Area, 2013-16.")

Remember, though, the median price for MB was still rising when we looked at the end of Q3, despite a year-long rise in inventory over previous years. We'll run the numbers for all of 2016 soon. (See from October: "Would You

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