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Let's say you're out at the track, and you see a horse that's never won a race queued up to go, dangling 99-to-1 odds. Tempting... Is this that pony's day?

But no, you probably go for the more likely 3- or 5-to-1 horse in the end.

Less than 2 weeks ago, one of those 99-to-1 horses came up for sale on the Manhattan Beach real estate market.

We called attention to 462 36th Place (2br/2ba, 1150 sq. ft.) only last week here in "Challenging Half Lots in the North End."

We called it "one of the more awkward remodels we've seen in recent years," and noted that it did not sell in 2011, when asking $925K, down to about $850K.

Now it was up at $1.275M – 50% more than it did not sell for in 2011.

But now it's 2015. And, as if you needed any more indicators that…

There is no neighborhood in Southern California quite like the "flat" South End walkstreets of the Manhattan Beach Sand Section.

Once people see it, they want it. Then it's a question of: Can you get it?

Dave has sold 3 homes on those treasured blocks in just the past couple of years, always off-market. These properties just don't trade much. And with scarcity, you see prices jump.

That's how a lot recently traded near $4M, and a built home way over $5M.

First let's look at one that has finally closed, after hot rumors flew for weeks.

316 4th St. is a full-size corner lot running along the alley at Crest.

You can go either way on whether the alley is a plus or minus. You've got no neighbor on that west side and there are ocean views down 4th Street,…

To judge by the most recent closed sales come in, you'd think no one knows how to price a house anymore.

We've seen markets where nearly every listing price seemed to be an overreach. Today, start prices seem to be literally just the starting points. Consider these very recent closings:

510 23rd (4br/4ba, 3200 sq. ft.) is a 2009-built Spanish in the gaslamp district.

Start Price: $2.699M

Sold Price: $2.826M

Amount Over Asking: +$127K / +4%

Note: That result was different from when the same home debuted back in 2008-09. It ran 7 months on market and sold for 16% under the asking price way-back-when, the year your kindergartner was born.

1901 Lynngrove (3br/1ba, 1100 sq. ft.) is a mostly original corner-lot cottage in Liberty Village. The home has

At this rate, the average DOM for East MB listings is going to be tiny here in 2015.

Two of this weekend's open houses were sold (in escrow) by the kickoff of the Super Bowl. Already, 3 listings from the prior week had made deals.

Indeed, as of early Monday morning, all 7 of the most recent Manhattan Beach real estate listings to go into escrow were east of Sepulveda.

Here are the most recent 9 listings in East MB to go into escrow. (Email subscribers will have to click here or "View this email in your browser" to see all of the listings in a grid.)

Among those, we'd call out a few:

1901 Lynngrove (3br/1ba, 1100 sq. ft.) is a corner-lot Liberty Village cottage that's a bit updated but still has the original 1 bath limitation. For some extra square