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A certain style in home design took Manhattan Beach by storm the past few years.

It's got an island feel, a beachy combination of white, bright open spaces. Generous use of white siding, white cabinetry, white marble (please say Carrara, not Carrera), and lighter-stained, wide-plank, flooring... for starters. The style has drawn the informal, but consistent, label: "Plantation."

It's taken a lot to shake the antebellum South connotations of that term.

Mostly, it took time and repetition. Variously, builders have come to call this style "Beach Plantation" or even "Coastal Plantation." And there's a (slightly) different history to such terms – think of parts of the British West Indies or Hawaiian islands that were once, indeed, plantations, and are…

This is a story that's only really a "bookend" to the story of one spec project.

750 30th Street Manhattan Beach CAThat would be 750 30th St. (5br/7ba, 5070 sqft.), a new "beach plantation" style home that has just closed for $4.500M.

The sale itself is notable, for sure. 

It's only the fourth-ever sale to close in the Tree Section over $4M that wasn't near American Martyrs church. (Click for more on the Martyrs area and active listings there.)

One of those past $4M+ sales was of a double-lot "compound" (3305 Pine) that sold back in 2012.

The other two more "conventional" home sales over $4M came within just the last year:

  • 769 33rd (6br/5ba, 4900 sqft., 7400 sqft. lot), a big, luxe custom Spanish on an oversized lot, sold for $4.100M off-market in July last year;

Here's how you make markets: You ignore all that came before, just put a sticker price on what you've got, and make people come to you.

That's the kind of boldness that's behind the new-construction listing at 1304 Lynngrove.

This upcoming 5br/6ba, 3750 sq. ft. "gorgeous custom contemporary" home will be offered at $3.199M to begin.

That's quite a bit above $3 million, a number never before dreamt of east of Redondo Ave. in this little pocket of Mayberry in Manhattan known as Liberty Village.

Formerly one of the most reliably affordable neighborhoods of MB (it's all relative), the LV is now getting a ceiling-pushing listing that could reshuffle all thinking about the area.

You know right away upon seeing this listing pop up that they're…

We weren't exactly skeptical, but we were surprised early this year when new construction at 705 26th (5br/4ba, 4875 sq. ft.) was listed, during the framing stage, at $3.599M.

In a post in February, we tried to look at some comparable heights hit in past years. Mainly we saw similar new construction hitting $3.2M-$3.375M at the peak of the mid-2000s bubble.

Most of those homes we not near the plus-plus size of 705 26th, where the basement added about 1300 sq. ft. above the other properties.

Now, not only has 705 26th sold for asking price, its near-twin, developed at the same time on a (former) double lot, has sold for more.

That'd be 709 26th (5br/4ba, 5120 sq. ft.), slightly larger, and slightly pricier at $3.700M.

Not only are these sales…

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