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If you know MB Confidential, you know we love a deep dive into data.

And there's a time and a place for that, but today, we'll try to illustrate a trend with just one sale.

Newly pending/in escrow is 2301 Vista, a modern-style 3br TH with 2400+ interior square feet.

This modern townhome was built a ways back, in 2002, but has a very compelling, slick "now" look to it. (The decor, gadgets and super-plus-sized TV's also give it a "guy's paradise" feel.)

The most recent sale here wasn't all that long ago, even if it seems like forever to look back to 2011.

Here, actually, are all 3 of the most recent sales of 2301 Vista:

  • $1.910M in Dec. 2011
  • $1.900M in Nov. 2009
  • $2.099M in Jan. 2007

List price this month was $3.399M, or 78% over the 2011

Just 14 months ago, there was a bidding war for 109 Bayview.

The ocean-view townhome (3br/4ba, 2030 sq. ft.) in the South End of the Sand Section was built in the early 90s and still looked very much like that in 2013. And the floorplan's a bit choppy.

Still, it was easy to see why multiple bidders drove the price up $200K at the time: Ocean views that are simply jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring... heck, they're darn near a religious experience. (Over the top?)

Those views are partly thanks to favorable topography, and partly thanks to old height limits. You can't build this tall again, so there's a special kind of scarcity factor built into this building.

In November 2013, the sale closed at $2.600M. Then the new owner started thinking through a remodel.

If someone promises you huge profits for no work, be skeptical.

Unless it's a timely real estate investment in Manhattan Beach.

In another measure of how our local real estate market has rocketed recently, we now see a closed sale that comes in more than $1M above the most recent sale, which occurred just 2 1/2 years ago.

It's 2305 Bayview (3br/4ba, 2570 sq. ft.), a modern remodel of a 2004-built TH. 

The open floorplan on the top level is nice, and it's got a bonus few townhomes offer: A good-sized separate living room downstairs that's been outfitted as a home theater. 

There are ocean views, but really they're the standing-up type.

The home's easy to like. That's probably why in its June 2012 sale, it got bid up a bit, from $2.249M to $2.300M.

This was a year of rising real estate prices in Manhattan Beach, but you have to start somewhere.

Here's our roundup of the, achem, cheapest properties to sell this year.

Lowest Overall Price

1520 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Unit D (2br/2ba, 1125 sq. ft.) at $465K in March 2014.

If there was going to be a super-low price in MB, a small condo east of Sepulveda was going to be a likely candidate. This one ran from Aug. 2013 till early 2014 when they found a buyer.

This unit has some spiffy upgrades from the 60s original. The listing description offers this hopeful assessment of the property: "All in All it looks like a happy, comfortable, worry free place to live."

Worry free!?! Sign us up.

Lowest-Priced Townhome

32 Bermuda Court (2br/2ba, 1465 sq. ft.)