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People seem never to speak of their awe for, or satisfaction with, government. Certainly not in these times.

So in a case of truly contrarian blogging, we're going to express our appreciation right here, right now, for a new system that the city of Manhattan Beach has unveiled for public use.

It's a great new online tool for home buyers, realtors, builders and really anyone with a nose for facts about this town.

The city's new "Interactive Map" allows you to get detailed info on any area or specific property.

Many layers of city regulations are converted to visual guides, maps or convenient property reports. You just have to know what to tell the system to display.

In our first bit of tinkering, we were able to pull up details on a specific…

Here at MB Confidential, we want to thank you for your continued interest in MBC, and for supporting Dave as a top-producing agent in Manhattan Beach.

We hope you have a great holiday season with family, near or far!

Reflecting on 2016, Dave was #2 out of all buyers' agents working with Manhattan Beach buyers, finishing behind a local team. (Year to date.) Whether measured by number of transactions or dollar volume, the figures come up the same. (Here are Dave's stats for 2015-16.)

This was also a year in which Dave sold homes in Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and other parts of Northern and Southern California. (Last year, he helped sell a farm in Canada!)

Dave also wraps up 2016 as the #4 individual buyer's agent for all of the beach cities…

The people said they wanted change. Now we have a largely un-predicted outcome in the presidential election, one-party rule in Washington, D.C., and many questions heading into 2017 and beyond.

But the question for a Manhattan Beach real estate blog is simply this: How might the election results from this week impact Manhattan Beach real estate?

Is everyone going to want to leave? Is everyone still going to want to move here? Does the election have any impact on property values?

We'll look at the policy outcomes from this election that seem most relevant.

Local Votes

The election results most closely aligned with Manhattan Beach real estate came with passage of Measures C & EE, two local school bonds. If you believe that MB schools are…

Schools and local real estate are intimately related.

So let's take a quick look at our local election ballot, where the schools take center stage.

The Manhattan Beach ballot hosts two related items: Measures C & EE. These are bonds to pay to repair & rebuild school facilities at all levels district-wide. It's truly an opportunity to be excited about – unless, for some reason, you don't grasp how urgent these measures are.

Who has not wondered how and why tony Manhattan Beach asks its kids to slog through each school day in outdated facilities, with obvious design problems, lack of classroom space and deferred maintenance barely papered over by fresh paint?

Isn't the Manhattan Beach school system a major draw of our town? Isn't the success…

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