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If you're looking to live west of Sepulveda for under $2M, sometimes it must feel like you're looking for a unicorn.

Chances are, if you're going to find something, it'll be in the Tree Section, and quite small and/or in a less than superb location.

Here's a look at what's been out on the market and selling this year so far.


The least pricey properties in the Trees are typically along Rosecrans, where lots are smaller and there's a bit more of a stigma, holding prices back somewhat. Nonetheless, prices have risen consistently in recent years, to unprecedented heights.

722 Rosecrans (2br/1ba, 880 sqft.) is asking $1.195M, at 99 DOM as we post. Nearby, slightly larger 760 Rosecrans (3br/2ba, 1050 sqft.) closed last October

Looking at houses, data, market tracking... it's all interesting and fun (in addition to serious business), but how knowledgeable are you, really?

Let's find out.

"Bet the House" is MB Confidential's new real estate contest designed for everyone to test their knowledge of the Manhattan Beach real estate market.

Each week, we will feature a new listing in a blog post. You'll be able to review the home yourself, look at the pictures, take into consideration the location and all other factors, then make your best educated guesses of:

1. How many Days on Market will the listing rack up while listed for sale?

2. How many (if any) price cuts will be made before the home is sold (or goes off market)?

3. What will the home actually close for

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