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527 14th Street Manhattan Beach CANew construction has been breaking out all over in Manhattan Beach for a few solid years running.

Perhaps half or more of the new homes you see being built are custom "owner/user" builds – people building for themselves. But here is a look at all of the new construction to come to market recently. (Pictured here is 527 14th, asking $5.999M.)

We'll start with a look at the 22 active listings. Detailed descriptions and comments below.

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Manhattan Beach New Construction – Active Listings

That's really quite a few builders betting on the upside of Manhattan Beach over the past few…

528 15th Street Manhattan Beach CAHere's hoping Mom loves to see new construction.

Take her to brunch, and enjoy a nice postprandial stroll through any of several new homes coming out this week. (Pictured here is 528 15th.)

We're guessing that this must be the thinking, because we didn't notice much of a blackout on Sunday open houses. When you're trying to sell multi-million-dollar real estate, Hallmark holidays don't always rank as a reason to shut down all business.

There are 42 listings holding open houses this weekend, up from 37 last week.

Our video features four new construction homes debuting just this week, including 516 4th, 1808 Agnes and 528 15th among others. Check it out here:

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1304 Lynngrove Drive Manhattan Beach CAIt was somewhat more than a year ago when we expressed surprise at how 1304 Lynngrove was being listed.

The start price: $3.199M.

This, in the "affordable" Manhattan Beach neighborhood of Liberty Village, was a serious shocker.

With respect, on the blog here we said that that's the kind of pricing that can "make markets" and/or "could reshuffle all thinking about the area." (See "Pushing $3M in Liberty Village?")

To date then, there had never been a home sold in Liberty Village over $2M, and here they were shooting past $3M. Wow.

(In October 2015, 1805 Faymont [5br/4ba, 3500 sqft.] became the highest-ever Liberty Village sale east of Redondo Ave., at $2.060M.)

1304 Lynngrove Drive Manhattan Beach CA1304 Lynngrove was only in framing stages at the time of its first listing at $3.2M, so

The newest closed sale in the Tree Section isn't the highest sale of the (young) year, nor the highest by PPSF.

New construction at 569 33rd (6br/5ba, 3650 sqft.) just closed for $3.795M.

It is, however, the biggest price ever paid for a comparable Tree Section home outside of the Martyrs area.

To refine that... it's the biggest price ever paid for a home that is of conventional size – no basement, or huge extra square footage afforded by building on a much larger lot. As a practical matter, than means home sizes of 3000-3650 sqft.

The prior record for Tree Section homes under 4000 sqft. was last year's off-market resale at 594 33rd ($3.649M).

The new 33rd St. sale was 4% and $150K higher.

Very close behind both is another sale from this year: 3101