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There are luxury homes and then there are... knockouts.

629 6th Street Manhattan Beach CA exteriorThey're not bashful about the achievement that is 629 6th St. (6br/8ba, 5600 sqft.) a new Hill Section home that has just come to market.

It's a "modern masterpiece" and "the finest home to ever hit the market in the Hill Section," per the official description.

Now, there are fine homes all over the Hill Section. Probably the finest have never been on the market at all. There's no need for any argument, though. What's been crafted at 629 6th is special in its own right.

629 6th Street Manhattan Beach CAWhile it's easy to see the sizzle and pop of this ultra-high-end home, the first thing we noted was the relative quiet and low profile of the lot and the neighborhood. There are great homes all around, but this one simply

One sale has now redefined what's possible east of Sepulveda.

1400 23rd Street Manhattan Beach CAIt's 1400 23rd (6br/6ba, 4800 sqft.), boasting a corner lot, large yard and many, many artistic details that helped make this top-tier build literally the priciest comparable sale ever in East Manhattan: $3.700M.

(We're putting aside sold homes with far larger lots; this is the high for a 7000-7500 sqft. "typical" East MB lot.)

Described officially as a "contemporary beach plantation style dream home," the home drew this rave from MB Confidential in September, when it debuted:

1400 23rd Street Manhattan Beach CA"With seriousness, quality and art to it, this enormous home delivers just about everything buyers say they want: Big open floorplan opening to the yard, top-tier counters, finishes and appliances, bonus

A certain style in home design took Manhattan Beach by storm the past few years.

It's got an island feel, a beachy combination of white, bright open spaces. Generous use of white siding, white cabinetry, white marble (please say Carrara, not Carrera), and lighter-stained, wide-plank, flooring... for starters. The style has drawn the informal, but consistent, label: "Plantation."

It's taken a lot to shake the antebellum South connotations of that term.

Mostly, it took time and repetition. Variously, builders have come to call this style "Beach Plantation" or even "Coastal Plantation." And there's a (slightly) different history to such terms – think of parts of the British West Indies or Hawaiian islands that were once, indeed, plantations, and are…

For quite a while there, all that we had to report from the "new construction in Liberty Village" front was: It's not selling.

1304 Lynngrove Drive Manhattan Beach CA"It" was 1304 Lynngrove (5br/6ba, 3750 sqft.), a high-gloss, ultramodern new home improbably placed in Manhattan Beach's own Mayberry-by-the-sea ("by-the-park?"), Liberty Village.

The LV is often the definition of an entry-level neighborhood for MB, with the lowest prices in town. Find out what a house on Aviation-adjacent Wendy Way is selling for, and you may well know where the first rung on the MB ladder is.

So to see this Hollywood-caliber new home pop up amid the 1950s cottages in this otherwise modest neighborhood was jarring. The initial $3.199M asking price was even more so. (With some appreciation for the…

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