It was just a normal mid-Summer day at the beach this week, when we happened upon something unusual.

Not one, but two volleyball practices on different stretches of beach. Small gangs of mere civilians honing their craft.

And then the reason struck: The 6-Man is coming. Heck, it's next week.

Below (or at this link) you can see our brief, fun video celebration of last year's 6-Man volleyball tourney.

Yes, with its new mid-week timing, the tourney was at a modest scale last year, but still good fun.

Enjoy the video! And make your plans for next week: Weds. July 30-Thurs. July 31, all day, on the beach. Call in sick. The players are.

Volleyball is just the kickoff to week's worth of events, including next Friday & Sat. night's Lifeguard Championships (Hermosa Pier), bodysurfing and SUP competitions by the Manhattan Beach pier, sand runs, pier-to-pier swims and paddleboard races, and...

Well, check out the whole schedule here at

Sometimes it seems that no one in Manhattan Beach uses their garage to actually park cars. Except maybe at the beach.

One new construction project by the beach runs with both ideas, and mixes it all up.

At 128 14th, a new, high-end modern downtown, they've built out what they call a 6-car "ultimate" garage.

In this radical reconceptualization of garage-ness, you don't just have vacant space to roll in your SUVs, convertibles and assorted beach toys.

No, you also get a home theater with surround sound, wet bar (with keg fridge) and a sunny patio.

Raw concrete won't do for flooring. Nope, it's highly polished.

Rollup garage doors at both ends will kick up a nice breeze, but what if that's not enough?

Of course, the garage is air conditioned.

Do you…

We have started to see the cost of a 3BR home in the Tree Section rise along with the rest of the market.

As land values creep into the $1.3-$1.7M range (or higher!), depending on lot size and location, you can really put a pretty penny into buying an actual, habitable house on one of those plots.

Here we take a look at the distribution of sales prices for 3BR homes in the Tree Section, and how the mix of prices paid has shifted far to the upper end. Our first chart compares just 2 years, 2010 (full year) and 2014 (year to date).

So here you see that in 2010, a 3BR house in the Trees was pretty likely to trade under $1.2M. Fully two-thirds of the sales that year were in those 2 lowest tiers.

Fast forward to the current moment, and in almost 7 months…

It's mid-Summer already, and time for one of our MB Market Updates.

We do two market updates a month, at mid-month and end of month. Data for these reports closed 7/15/14.

With Summer in full swing, you may enjoy a guide to "6 Delicious Ways to Beat the Heat in Manhattan Beach" from the new local-news site Check it out.

Here's the quick overview on active inventory (click here for the list as of 7/15):

  • 61 active listings as of 7/15/14 (+4 from 7/1/14)
  • 55 SFRs
  • 6 THs

See the MB Dashboard for up-to-the-minute data.

This is a dip in inventory year-over-year, from 70 actives as of 7/15/13.

Active listings by region of Manhattan Beach in this report:

  • Tree Section: 8 actives
  • Sand Section: 19 actives
  • Hill Section: 6 actives
  • East