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We see a lot of homes here in Manhattan Beach.

But we've never seen one like 743 29th, Dave's new listing in the Tree Section.

This home is both old and new. It's newly built, 100%, but its art and ambition are much older. The goal was to create a home that feels timeless, that can transport you to another place – almost to another era.

With rigid attention to detail, this home recreates a classic American home with Queen Anne lineage, something you might find atop sprawling farmland on the East Coast, perhaps in the South, definitely in northern California – in Napa or Mendocino.

By the beach here? That's surprising. And wonderful.

The double lot where this property rests adds to that feeling. The owners did not max out on their nearly 8400 sq. ft.…

As regular readers here know, MB Confidential proudly sponsored this year's MB Yuletide 5K.

This past Saturday was the 13th annual running of this unique, signature Manhattan Beach event.

This year, we had a gorgeous sunset, cool but not cold weather, a wide-open flat, wet sand surface to run on, and hundreds upon hundreds of people clad in glow necklaces and ready to go.

What's that? You missed it? No worries. Below, enjoy our brief video capturing this year's event. (Mobile and tablet users will have to use this link instead.)


If we don't catch you here on the blog or in town in the next couple of days, here's wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season.

We'll look back at the highlights of 2013 as the…

There has been some action in the treasured Teen Streets this year. If you've been looking to get in on one of these sweet blocks near downtown, there have been chances.

Three of those listings have been on 18th St., arguably the best of a small group of streets (16th-20th), mainly because of its unique, winding pathway from Highland Ave. to the beach. 

On occasion of a recent visit to 112 18th, the newest listing on the block, down at Ocean Ave., we shot a little video walking along the block.

Here's our brief tour of the block. Enjoy. (Email subscribers, please use this link to see the video.)

Here are links to the 2 other properties mentioned in the video: 201 18th (list: $12.875M) and 228 18th ($4.2M).

We sang the praises of 18th St. for the first…

It's been about 3 years since the last public auction in Manhattan Beach. Sunday, they held one at  1761 Voorhees in East MB.

The 2009 auction lasted 90 seconds. This one, too.

Seems like most of the people we chatted with on site Sunday were observers, no dog in the hunt. People were just curious about how the spectacle of a home auction unfolds.

MBC readers, you were virtually there. You can check out our 4-minute video here. (Dave's intro and postgame added a bit to the length.)

Now, those of you who aren't keen to play the video right now are going to be wondering: How much did it sell for? 

Well, MBC isn't one of those sites where you're going to have to wait to find out, or click through a bunch of ads first.

Final sale price: $1.320m.

So, what'd we say…