MBC Goes Up to 11

By Dave Fratello | March 7th, 2018

It's hard to believe, but MB Confidential turns 11 years old today.

We began this project as an obscure outpost to discuss the local real estate market, with an emphasis on data and truth-telling.

We had fun, too, and so did many of our earliest readers.

Things have evolved!

Dave's now a top-producing local broker.

The internet has radically evolved to level the playing field, offering far more real estate information to consumers.

Our local brokerage community today looks nothing at all like it did way-back-when (2007), with homegrown companies replaced and rebranded by national and global names.

Meantime, MB Confidential is in roughly its fourth iteration. We tinker all the time, and redesign in big ways now and then. We keep adding more video.

We're proud to say that there's nothing quite like MBC in almost any real estate market. We take it as our mission here to provide a constant stream of data and analysis in novel, user-friendly forms so that you might be educated, entertained and edified.

Through MB Confidential, we've built relationships and a business.

Dave still loves meeting new people who ask, "Aren't you the MB Confidential guy?"

We remain grateful for your interest and support.

Onward, now, into Year 12!

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