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If you've got around $2M budgeted and are looking west of Sepulveda, good luck. Values for single-family homes there continue to rise, and a family home with 4+ bedrooms and 3000 sq. ft., which once may have been available near $1.9M, is now creeping toward $2.2-$2.3M.

You may be tempted to look east, as some of Dave's clients have. Here's the state of play east of the highway.

So far this year, there have been 13 SFR listings and/or sales in East Manhattan Beach priced between $1.8M-$2.2M. (Here we're excluding the Village, which is its own universe.) The stats to date:

  • 6 Closed Sales
  • 2 Pending Escrows
  • 4 Active Listings
  • 1 listing "on hold" (was on market, now suspended)

The 5 closed sales, priced lowest to highest, are:

1617 Mathews (5br/4ba,

We're in an upcycle in Manhattan Beach real estate that is seeing all kinds of new highs carved out.

Pick your category. New construction on a single lot in the Tree Section? How about $3.6M and $3.7M, hit last August at 705 26th and 709 26th.

Strand dirt? How about 104 The Strand at $9.500M in February this year?

East MB new construction? 1626 1st (5br/5ba, 4950 sq. ft.) hit $3.200M (see "3.2 Is the New Crest for East MB").

Townhomes east of Highland? All of a sudden $2.8M is the new normal after it had never been hit: First, 2520 Alma, then 2300 Alma, and, now in escrow, new 408 32nd (pending). (Plus, we hear 2520 Alma is set to resell for more.)

Joining the fray now is a new listing behind the gates of the MB Village: 22 Chatham (4br/3ba, 2950 sq.

It was not very long ago that a sale for $3M or more in East MB was unheard of.

And here we mean on a more standard home and lot, with super-sized, super-private homes like 106 Terraza Place (recent sale: $6.5M) being an obvious exception.

Early this year, new construction at 1626 1st (5br/5ba, 4950 sq. ft.) hit the highest high, the crestiest crest, selling for $3.200M.

Now, it appears, they've done it again.


The same builder acquired a double lot in a very quiet, close-to-everything location on 3rd St., split it and went to work.

The result: 1420 3rd (5br/5ba, 4765 sq. ft.) is in escrow with a posted list price of $3.199M.

And if you're bummed about missing that hacienda, they've got something else for you – a really bold, museum-style…

In a rising market, money chases opportunity. Find an underpriced dog of a property, add value with a quick remodel, and you can add value. Flip it and score.

Yes, flippers are back in Manhattan Beach. (We first noted this phenomenon in August last year.) Here are some of the most recent rehab projects to make deals.

3521 Oak (3br/2ba, 1900 sq. ft.) is built in a style you might call "modern Southwestern," with the interior getting a heavy dose of slick 21st-century finishes.

That upgrade was necessary. Last Summer, the same home was on the market but looking frumpy and almost hopeless. Location didn't help – across from the hotel parking lot and steps to Rosecrans. After listing at $1.200M, a tiny price for 1900 sq. ft. these days, the home traded to a…