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Happy New Year and welcome back.

You're probably noticing by now that MB Confidential has an updated look. Here are the main differences and new features:

Mobile-Friendliness: You can now easily read MB Confidential on a mobile device, and use search functions tied to your location.

We're now using a "responsive" design (tech industry jargon for "the site knows if you're on mobile or not, and adjusts the display accordingly"). We've also custom-designed some pages, like the popular MB Dashboard, to optimize them when shown on a small screen.

Look Ma, No App! You don't need to download a special app to access MBC on mobile, but you will get a special navigation screen at the home page. (Pictured.) This menu quickly directs you to the

As regular readers here know, MB Confidential proudly sponsored this year's MB Yuletide 5K.

This past Saturday was the 13th annual running of this unique, signature Manhattan Beach event.

This year, we had a gorgeous sunset, cool but not cold weather, a wide-open flat, wet sand surface to run on, and hundreds upon hundreds of people clad in glow necklaces and ready to go.

What's that? You missed it? No worries. Below, enjoy our brief video capturing this year's event. (Mobile and tablet users will have to use this link instead.)


If we don't catch you here on the blog or in town in the next couple of days, here's wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season.

We'll look back at the highlights of 2013 as the…

We're coming up to one of the signature weekends of the holiday season in Manhattan Beach. And there's a real estate tie-in as well.

Before we look at the short term, let's also talk about the MB Yuletide 5K coming up Saturday, Dec. 21, at 5:30PM. This is one of two great local runs each year that start and finish under the pier, out along the wet sand at a super low tide. 

The Yuletide 5K is notable for the glow necklaces, jingle bells and costumes that runners don. It's a unique and very local event, which is why MB Confidential is proudly sponsoring it. (As we did last June's race.)

There are kids' races also, and edible medals. Register today, and we'll see you out there!

Also, here's a link to the 5K's Facebook page.

Coming up this weekend, beginning…

Today is World Toilet Day (we are not making this up), and therefore a good time to check in on Manhattan Beach's Toilet Retrofit Ordinance.

As any buyer or seller of Manhattan Beach real estate has experienced over the past 3 years, the city requires a report on current toilets in each home at the time of sale. Toilets are supposed to meet the new standard for ultra-low-flow flushes (1.28 gallons per flush).

Buyer and seller sign the "Toilet Retrofit Declaration" and/or "Toilet Retrofit Transfer of Responsibility" forms, stating whether the existing toilets in the home are compliant, or not, with the 1.28gpf standard.

In theory, the buyer is promising to dump any noncompliant toilets within 6 months after taking title. (Somewhat newer, "lower flow"…