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Sometimes it seems that the idea of selling just spreads along a street.

Last year, one standout was Rosecrans. This year, it's Wendy Way with a selling outbreak. (See "Wendy Keeps Running.")

With the new listing this week at 747 33rd (5br/5ba, 3800 sq. ft.), it feels like 33rd St. in the Tree Section is turning over at a good clip, too.

With a total of 6 listings/sales so far this year, these little 3 blocks west of Pacific might well give Wendy Way a run for its money when the final stats are compiled for 2014.

The "Santa Barbara" Spanish at 747 33rd is asking $2.875M, but it's hardly the priciest on the street.

You might look to 742 33rd (5br/6ba, 3975 sq. ft.), a Cape Cod with bonus square footage in the basement. That one came out at $2.998M in

We have started to see the cost of a 3BR home in the Tree Section rise along with the rest of the market.

As land values creep into the $1.3-$1.7M range (or higher!), depending on lot size and location, you can really put a pretty penny into buying an actual, habitable house on one of those plots.

Here we take a look at the distribution of sales prices for 3BR homes in the Tree Section, and how the mix of prices paid has shifted far to the upper end. Our first chart compares just 2 years, 2010 (full year) and 2014 (year to date).

So here you see that in 2010, a 3BR house in the Trees was pretty likely to trade under $1.2M. Fully two-thirds of the sales that year were in those 2 lowest tiers.

Fast forward to the current moment, and in almost 7 months…

Last week, we had a good reception for our little "Secret Room" video drawn from a special feature at 3300 Poinsettia (Dave's listing). That one racked up 750 views quickly, quite a lot for a real estate video.

This reminded us that the whole 5br/5ba, 3430 sq. ft. home has a lot going for it – not just the secret room – so we've gone a step further with a full video tour.

If you like the first video, consider this: 3300 Poinsettia will be open this coming Sunday, 1-4pm.

Here's the video for 3300 Poinsettia. Email subscribers and some others may need to view it by using this link to YouTube.

Sometimes you find yourself asking: Where'd the money go?

The last time the corner-lot home at 742 33rd sold, back in 2011, that was a pretty ripe (and sad) question.

But let's try to capture the whole history up till today.

742 33rd (5br/6ba, 3975 sq. ft.) first traded new at $2.700 in Summer 2008.

Now, that was already a big disappointment to the spec builders, who had put it out at $3.295M in Summer 2007. The market went wobbly and they did not get their projected number – instead, at $2.700M, it came in 18% low.

But after that purchase, the (financial) world collapsed, and property values – even in MB – plummeted.

So when 742 33rd came back to market about 2 years later, chunks of equity in the home had vanished.

It eventually sold in Feb. 2011…