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If the new listing at 1140 The Strand looks familiar to you, that's because you've been paying attention.

The triplex is the first home north of the pier parking lots, so nearly every Manhattan Beach resident or visitor has taken note of the building at some point.

But it's also been on the market a few times before, most recently for 4 months just last year.

The history on market:

  • April 2005-April 2006: Asking $5.6M
  • April-Oct. 2006: Asking $4.999M
  • July-Oct. 2013: Asking $9.995M
  • Now (July 2014): Asking $13.999M

The first 3 listings resulted in no sale, but this year is this year.

(Shoulda taken it last year at $4M less.)

Interestingly, the '05-'06 listings touted this mainly as a development opportunity.

The more recent listings speak of 2…

When the new home at 124 23rd St. came out recently, we rushed to see it with a client.

Before long, a buyer rushed to buy it.

This crisp, brand-new Plantation-style home (3br/4ba, 2040 sq. ft.) gets big views over the (currently) small neighbor and straight down 23rd St. It's got a nice location along Manhattan Ave., with the sand so close, you can all but feel it warming your toes even while standing on the balcony upstairs.

So how much are people paying these days for modestly sized new SFRs with big views?

In this case, $3.300M.

If that start price of $3.399M seemed ambitious, well, no. They just about nailed where the market would be.

And since we're trying not to be "shocked" anymore by big sales, let's focus instead on a pretty huge price per…

There has been an odd rush of landlocked half-lot homes this year, as we noted just a few weeks ago. (See "Year of the Landlocked Half Lot.")

The second of these to come to market recently was 333 8th (1br/1ba, 765 sq. ft.), a quirky little place, fully built of brick, but in a great mid-block location on the treasured flat family walkstreets of the South End.

They listed it for $1.200M because, hey, what's something like this worth? No garage, no street access, tiny place, can't be built up... How do you do the math?

The answer: $1.447M, with the sale closing Friday.

That's within range of a somewhat larger, nicer home with slightly more land that was the first landlocked half-lot home to sell, 124 17th (2br/1ba, 880 sq. ft.).

When that one sold…

Until last year, there was never such a thing as a $2.8M townhome east of Highland.

Now, it's happened 4 times.

The newest sale is on new construction at 408 32nd (4br/4ba, 2650 sq. ft.) an ultra-modern TH on the back half of the lot, where you might expect a Vista address.

List price: $2.800M. Sale price: $2.810M.

The home is very nicely executed, with a spa-like feel to the baths and a warm sophistication across the board. We thought it helped a lot that a simple, modern home like this was so tastefully decorated for presentation to would-be buyer – it's a very good argument for proper staging.

Views are nice, if not permanent, complemented by the classy old-Manhattan Spanish duplex across the street. (Click thru the listing pics to see the second…