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Inventory is loosening up a bit here in Manhattan Beach – still cramped in general, but better than at any time this year, and higher year-over-year as well.

But there's one place where that's not true: By the beach.

The Sand Section has a mere smattering of listings. And yet, Summer's coming. Buyers need beach pads, don't they?

There's one listing new this week: 116 Rosecrans (3br/4ba, 1820 sq. ft.), an ocean-view TH build in 2008. They're asking $2.185M.

Last week, east of Highland, they brought out 3304 Alma (4br/4ba, 2450 sq. ft.), another ocean-view TH, asking $2.350M.

The only other Sand Section listing in the past 2 weeks was a 1.5-size lot on a prime, private street at 329 17th with a duplex on it, asking $3.700M (to start?).

Among the 8

When the cute front house on a half lot at 124 17th (2br/1ba, 880 sq. ft.) sold last December for $1.540M, it left an open question: What about the back unit? Both had been on the market at about the same time.

The back unit is 125 16th Place (2br/1ba, 850 sq. ft.) a slightly smaller home and not quite as cute as the Spanish 2br in front. But it has something 124 17th didn't have: A garage.


This home, we're told, is subject to a height restriction for at least 10 more years – a voluntary arrangement worked out by a prior owner at some point, no doubt with a neighbor looking to protect views.

And this 1200 sq. ft. lot is further precluded from being merged with the front lot (124 17th actually has 1500 sq. ft. of dirt) thanks to a separate deed…

On occasion we like to capture and share some of the better ocean views around Manhattan Beach.

This past weekend saw some of the clearest skies of recent weeks, and it was warm, to boot.

So we did what real estate bloggers are supposed to do: Head out to homes that have recently been on the market and check out the views. Enjoy our brief video.


The first panorama in the video was taken from 648 12th St., a 2-story home near downtown up at the top of the hill in the Martyrs area. This one has a roof deck that is really worth heading up to – high above nearly all the neighbors, you can see for miles. The home was listed recently for $2.100M and is in escrow now.

Our second view is from the home at 620 8th St. in the Hill Section. Though lower down

We thought this would happen more last year. 

The word was out on the street already: Bidding wars are back. Prices are rising. Some sales are shockers. In short: It might be a great time to sell.

With that, we expected more listings, and more shoot-the-moon prices, with sellers jumping far ahead of the market, "just to see what happens." But in 2013, not so much.

Today's new listing at 312 44th does seem to fit that category. The $2.700M start price on this ocean-view condo is around $1,000/PSF – not unheard of for something slick with views in the Sand Section. But the building that this one is a part of has not been an easy sell in the past, and the price is double what the sellers paid just 3 years ago.

The building has been tough because of that