3 Quickies

By Dave Fratello | May 24th, 2010
That pound-pound-pound sound you may hear is either construction noise from all the remodels and new builds around town, or a bunch of buyers knocking. Maybe both.

We're hoping you got a good look at 2 of the listings from MBC's "Weekend Opens" feature this weekend, because they're basically gone.

Sources are telling MBC about 3 quick sales:

856 11th in the Hills was at $1.499m, featuring a somewhat refreshed 70s home and some parkland a big back yard. Knock knock!

2317 Walnut in the Trees came out at $1.175m, a sweet spot where there's almost no inventory and certainly nothing well-located, clean and livable like this one. Multiple offers.

Last Summer, Walnut was up for a couple of months at $1.329m (+$154k over this year's start), with no takers. Things have changed.

332 10th is a newer (2000) custom flat walkstreet Spanish (as in Spain) home, 4br/5ba, 4100+ sq. ft., that hit the MLS in escrow because it sold by word of mouth first. The posted start price of $3.399m is likely to be exceeded if/when that deal closes.

There are a couple of issues that take just a bit of the gloss off the sale at 10th.

First, it was a shortie at $3.4m, though records show a last purchase for $2.2m in Feb. 2003.

What's more, when 332 10th was last on the MBC radar in Summer 2008, it was listed at $3.999m and, we hear, actually drew interest, but the sellers did not accept any offers then.

Still, here's more fodder in support of the notion you hear around town that "well priced" homes are selling quickly. Start out right and you may save everyone time and hassle and get a deal like these folks have.

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