$3.6M in the Trees

By Dave Fratello | February 15th, 2013

They're reaching for historic heights with a new listing in the Tree Section.

New construction at 705 26th (5br/4ba, 4875 sq. ft.) is listed at $3.599Mpre-completion.

3.6 in the Trees? North of Valley?

To reach for those heights, first they had to dig down. They dug a basement for this house, as well as the next-door neighbor, also under construction at the same time. (A double lot at the location was purchased last year and split for purposes of the new construction.)

The basements make both new homes unusually large for a fairly standard size lot. On a 5120 sq. ft. plot, you could normally build around 3500 sq. ft., but by digging, they were able to bring the total square footage near 5000 inside.

5000 in the Trees – that's something, too.

So, what's the record for sales in the Tree Section?

We'll start just by looking north of Valley. There, as you might expect, just about all the top sales are along prestigious 31st St.:

  • 649 31st (5br/4ba, 3500 sq. ft., $3.375M in Feb. 2007)
  • 712 31st (pictured, 5br/4ba, 3770 sq. ft., $3.325M in July 2007)
  • 768 31st (5br/5ba, 5200 sq. ft., 6525 sq. ft. lot, $3.200M in May 2010)
  • 717 31st (5br/4ba, 3500 sq. ft., $3.200M in Sept. 2007)

Among those, it's worth noting that 768 31st had the biggest lot, biggest square footage and the greatest ambitions, having launched at $3.775M in August 2009.

The only non-31st St. sale we see north of Valley that went north of $3M was at 728 27th, which featured a huge 7000 sq. ft. lot, and sold in bubbly times (July 2005) for $3.300M

Meantime, if you're going to have enormous numbers in the Manhattan Beach Tree Section, you're going to usually look to the Martyrs area.

Sure enough, you can find several $3M+ sales around there, including 2 record-smashers in just the past year-plus: 624 14th at $4.900M, a markup over 2007, and gorgeous 533 15th at $4.700M in Aug. 2011.

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