6-Man Returns, Surf Fest Coming

By Dave Fratello | July 25th, 2014

It was just a normal mid-Summer day at the beach this week, when we happened upon something unusual.

Not one, but two volleyball practices on different stretches of beach. Small gangs of mere civilians honing their craft.

And then the reason struck: The 6-Man is coming. Heck, it's next week.

Below you can see our brief, fun video celebration of last year's 6-Man volleyball tourney.

Yes, with its new mid-week timing, the tourney was at a modest scale last year, but still good fun.

Enjoy the video! And make your plans for next week: Weds. July 30-Thurs. July 31, all day, on the beach. Call in sick. The players are.

Volleyball is just the kickoff to week's worth of events, including next Friday & Sat. night's Lifeguard Championships (Hermosa Pier), bodysurfing and SUP competitions by the Manhattan Beach pier, sand runs, pier-to-pier swims and paddleboard races, and...

Well, check out the whole schedule here at surffestival.org.

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